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The Arazoo platform is made to support your workflow. Specially designed workspaces allow you to tag and visually organize your product selections, review detailed product information right inline through the overlays, and effortlessly move products from one project to another. Plus, with just a few clicks you can generate files to output for schedules or presentation boards.


Visually search over 1.6 million products from concrete anchors and weather barriers to lighting, finishes, and furniture €”all in one place, with greater relevance for professionals like you. Arazoo's proprietary search engine leverages the unique dataset generated by your firm and other professionals in the Arazoo community to surface the most relevant products.


Huge amounts of valuable knowledge and data are generated and scattered around your firm. Arazoo helps bring this data together and enables you to connect and retain your firm'€™s history. As you use Arazoo to search for and organize products, your firm'€™s collective product knowledge grows and becomes stronger. From product information to conversations to site photos from past projects and more, Arazoo links this firm information to create a valuable knowledge set.

Every day, you and your colleagues learn about products and materials; it could be something learned from an installation, a suggestion from an expert, or simply what other products are typically associated with a product. Each of these interactions is an opportunity to enrich your collective product knowledge with more details and context, and make that learning accessible and visible to the entire firm. Arazoo'€™s unique ability to retain and enrich that product knowledge €”we call it Collaborative Product Knowledge Management €”enables you to make your firm smarter and more efficient, just by using Arazoo for your everyday product workflow.

Meet the Team

In his 2007 groundbreaking book on the construction industry, Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets, Barry LePatner articulated a comprehensive macro-economic critique of the construction industry, which asserted that owners must rebalance the asymmetry of pricing information favoring contractors if they were to regain control of their projects. As the result of this research and his more than three decades of experience as legal counsel for owners, design professionals and the construction industry, the underpinning concepts of Arazoo were developed.

Barry LePatner and co-founder Brad Cronk have developed Arazoo to advance the ideas and project management principles that they have applied to the hundreds of projects on which they have acted as legal counsel, project manager or both. Arazoo represents the culmination of their combined experience of nearly 60 years in the design and construction industry. The Arazoo Product Selection module is the first step to overcome the industry'€™s well-known inefficiencies that lead to marketplace opacity and rampant cost overruns. And the next steps for Arazoo are already in development.

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