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Introducing Arazoo

Find Products Fast

Every product you and your firm add to Arazoo prevents countless "where did I put that" moments after fruitless last-minute searches through your firm's nested project folders and bookmarks.

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Save Time and Money

Time spent trying to find things you or your firm have already learned is wasted time. Arazoo helps you stop re-inventing the wheel by making your information accessible.

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Arazoo Makes It Easy

The Arazoo Bookmarklet lets you save products from anywhere on the web in just a click, search your whole library at once, record your work for future reference, and automatically generate schedules and presentations.

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Product Knowledge Management doesn't have to be a chore or take up valuable billable time. With Arazoo, Product Knowledge Management becomes a powerful asset, because organizing and specifying products with Arazoo automatically saves and builds connections between products, projects, and people.

Using Arazoo for your product search, selection, and sharing streamlines the cumbersome product selection process, and turns what was once a chore and potential liability into an advantage for your firm—by effortlessly creating a living, single point of knowledge about a product within your firm, that everyone can add to, refer back to, and connect with other products and projects.

Everything your firm knows about a product,
all in one easily accessible place

Find & Organize Your Products

Fast, Easy Product Saving

Turn any webpage into a product card in Arazoo in just a click with our Bookmarklet

Convenient Personal Libraries

Each member of your firm has their own collection of favorites and often-used products for quick access

Searchable, Sortable Global and Firm Libraries

Search and browse Arazoo's Global Library of products collected by top Architecture, Design, and Engineering professionals


Access all the products your firm has used in your Firm Library

Create Custom Products

Capture the details of your firm's custom fabrications and assemblies for reference and reuse on future projects

Build Your Product Knowledge

Intuitive, Informative Product Overlays

Think of it as an interactive product sheet, with quick access to everything your firm knows about a product—description, photos, links, attachments, notes and more

Passively Collected History

Arazoo automatically records where a product has been used, how it was specified, and who worked on it—making one synced version of the product for the whole firm.

Simple Categorization & Tags

Find and filter products by CSI MasterFormat categories and your own firm-wide and project-specific tags

Organize Your Projects

Work Together

Project teams work together on product selection in shared workspaces

Get Real-Time Information

Instantly see the most updated information on all your projects in real time—no more waiting for reports or emails

Bring In An Expert

Invite experts from outside your firm to collaborate on specific projects, without giving them full access to your firm

Specify Your Details

Dialogue In Context

Specifications don't happen in a vacuum. Project-specific comment sections let your team automatically capture their product discussions in context

Fast, Easy Spec Templates

Save specification details for reuse later, and save custom specification templates to match your firm's workflow and clients' requirements

Output Schedules & Presentations

Easy Excel Schedules

Your specification details are automatically formatted into excel sheets you can share with specifiers, clients, and contractors.

Automagically Create InDesign Presentations

Automatically create beautiful InDesign documents with your product information for easy client presentations and moodboarding

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Using Arazoo lets you easily save, organize and manage your firm's product knowledge and product selection workflow, so you can get the info you need when you need it, create output instantly, and let everyone focus on the task at hand.

Arazoo users save time, save money, and learn more from their everyday product interactions. Here are a few examples of how leading design firms use Arazoo:

Carrier Johnson

"As we grew, we ended up with inaccurate product specs or missing products because we were working without a scalable way to manage our product knowledge. With Arazoo, all the data and history is right there, visually organized."

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"We are thrilled to see this kind of technology finally permeating the building design industry. Arazoo supports our design teams, letting them focus more time and energy on creative problem solving for our clients."

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Method Design

"We pride ourselves on being on the leading edge of what is next in design. That means we have to know where we’ve been, what worked, what didn’t, and connect the dots. Arazoo now makes this possible in just a few clicks."

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Ready to start benefitting from your product knowledge instead of just dealing with it? Join the fast growing and innovative architecture and design firms already using Arazoo.

Meet the Team

In his 2007 groundbreaking book on the construction industry, Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets, Barry LePatner articulated a comprehensive macro-economic critique of the construction industry, which asserted that owners must rebalance the asymmetry of pricing information favoring contractors if they were to regain control of their projects. As the result of this research and his more than three decades of experience as legal counsel for owners, design professionals and the construction industry, the underpinning concepts of Arazoo were developed.

Barry LePatner and co-founder Brad Cronk have developed Arazoo to advance the ideas and project management principles that they have applied to the hundreds of projects on which they have acted as legal counsel, project manager or both. Arazoo represents the culmination of their combined experience of nearly 60 years in the design and construction industry. The Arazoo Product Selection module is the first step to overcome the industry'€™s well-known inefficiencies that lead to marketplace opacity and rampant cost overruns. And the next steps for Arazoo are already in development.

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