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How ARAZOO Works

Build your digital product library and spec the right products for every project. Benefit from smarter workflow around products. Search and organize products intelligently, retain and manage product information, integrate your workflow with independent product experts, and prepare checklists to streamline project documentation.

Organize Products From Your Library in Projects & Binders

ARAZOO finally makes all of the product knowledge collected in your firm accessible on every project. Easily search and browse your firm library or benefit from the professionally curated global Explore library and save and organize your finds directly into your projects.

Leverage the Expertise of a Community of Professionals

Most firms today collaborate with external product experts like specification writers, lighting designers, cost estimators, and sustainability consultants. Collaborate directly with your experts in your ARAZOO projects – and have the opportunity to be introduced to others.

Coordinate and Finalize Product Selection with External Collaborators

Once all of the projects and materials under consideration for your project are organized, use ARAZOO’s Coordination Checklist™ to refine final product selection and help your project team deliver complete and coordinated construction documents.

Collaboratively Build Your Firm's Products & Material Library

Your team’s notes and discussion during the product selection process are saved in ARAZOO, so you don’t have to repeat that same research on the next project. Your ARAZOO digital product library captures the collective product knowledge of the firm, helps you manage that information in a centralized way, and saves you time.

How ARAZOO Benefits You

One Platform to Make Building Product Selection Better

Architects, Engineers, Designers

Use ARAZOO to search and browse materials and products, then save and organize them right in the ARAZOO platform to streamline your product selection workflow. ARAZOO helps you build your firm's digital product library and captures the product information and project knowledge that is often lost when project teams disband.


Spec Writers & Product Experts

Whether you’re a spec writer, cost estimator or other product expert, use ARAZOO to digitally integrate your workflow earlier in the design phase and enhance collaboration with your design professional clients. Use ARAZOO to demonstrate your expertise and expand your reach to a whole new network of potential clients.


Real Estate Owners

Use ARAZOO to stay in the loop with your design professionals during product selection. ARAZOO provides your team more product choice, more transparency, and a more streamlined workflow. Fewer errors and omissions in their construction documents helps you avoid change orders and delays that lead to project cost overruns.


Product Manufacturers

Use ARAZOO to gain unparalleled access and reach to your target market: active product specifiers. Use ARAZOO to showcase your products, capture important metrics on the use of your products in projects posted to ARAZOO and be alerted to new projects while they are being designed.


Architects, Engineers, & Designers

ARAZOO is a specialized tool that speeds and increases the accuracy of product selection.

Spend Less Time Searching for Products. Spend More Time Designing.

ARAZOO is an advanced, digital material and products library - part curated, part crowd-sourced by professional firms like yours - that helps improve your firm’s product selection workflow, productivity, and the quality of your construction documents. On ARAZOO, retain detailed product and material knowledge from project to project, whether that information is input by members of your firm or by its invited external collaborators, like spec writers and sustainability consultants. No longer do you have to comb through old folders or drawings to recall what products you used, why, and whether it would be appropriate on your current project. All of that information is a click away in your ARAZOO Firm Library. And with ARAZOO’s Explore Library, benefit from the collective wisdom of our growing network of design professionals and product experts. As more professionals use the platform, ARAZOO’s search tools get smarter at helping you find the right product and surface related ones for your consideration. And that makes you smarter and your projects more successful.

Specifiers & Technical Experts

Integrated workflow with your design professional clients streamlines communication and improves the quality of the project spec book.

Your architect clients come to you for the technical product information and details that you know better than most. But are you conveying that knowledge in the most efficient way? What if you could reach an even wider audience with your expertise?

Processing and organizing a pile of tear sheets, files, and links provided by your clients takes up valuable time. Wouldn't you rather spend it discussing and selecting products with them? ARAZOO’s streamlined workflow, which can be organized along standard CSI codes, moves products from your client’s digital project library to you in a single click through ARAZOO’s unique and customizable Coordination Checklist™. Plus, build your own library by typology to share and suggest products and alternatives drawing from your experience and expertise. Search by product to see which clients you’ve recommended it to across multiple projects. ARAZOO brings you closer to your clients and gives you the opportunity to expand your network to find even more.

Real Estate Owners

Stay connected with your design professionals and product manufacturers.

Even owners who implicitly trust the design professionals that they’ve worked with for years still want to keep informed as the design advances. For owners who have standardized product schedules or multiple projects in progress at once where economies of scale are important, ARAZOO provides you a window into your consultants’ product selection process.

Participate with your design professionals to review and comment on the materials and products they're selecting for your projects. ARAZOO’s collaboration tools allow owners to choose whether to be an active participant alongside their design professionals, reviewing, commenting, and selecting the right products for their project. ARAZOO’s simple search, documentation, and data features make the product selection process more transparent than ever while the Coordination Checklist™ will lower the risk of errors and omissions in your design professionals’ construction documents.


Product Manufacturers

Use ARAZOO’s native communication tools to reach active design professionals and product specifiers to help you sell more.

Learn about active projects specifying your products, and showcase your products right in the ARAZOO Explore Library to relevant design professionals.

Gain a competitive advantage by utilizing your ARAZOO sales metrics to further refine your marketing outreach. As design professionals and owners search for your products and products like them, ARAZOO offers integrated opportunities for your brand to be surfaced so it can be considered for the project.


A Walk Through ARAZOO

Inspired by Arazu, the Babylonian god of completed construction (yes, there is one ), ARAZOO was conceived and designed as an essential digital tool for making selecting building materials and products better for architects and their collaborators in order to make completing construction a lot less onerous than it typically is.

Getting Started
Easily create and organize your projects.

View your Firm Library by Projects or Products. Add a New Project or continue working on existing projects. Click on a project to open it and display the information you saved when you created it. From your project page, invite your internal Project Team and external Collaborators, such as spec writers, cost estimators, consultants or owners.

Project Organization
Arazoo's Project Library lets you explore more

The Project Library includes all of the products you have associated with a project. You organize products within a project by creating Binders that can be named based on location, room number, material types, project phase, anything you want. Multi-select or Click to Drag products from your project library into a Binder.

Product Details
Retain the Firm’s Product Knowledge at the Product Level

Now, all the product’s information lives in one central, accessible location. Click on a product to see its basic information: who on your team saved it to your project, its CSI division, if it contributes to LEED credits, the link to the manufacturer’s site, which binders it is in, and your private firm notes. You can edit this information and upload supplementary files such as PDF cutsheets and small CAD blocks and Revit objects supplied by manufacturers. Post notes to your team members about the product’s characteristics or as a reminder on its performance or pricing. Your Firm Library, Project Library and individual Binders can be downloaded as Excel files containing the product’s saved description and other information.

Saving Products
Three Easy ways to add products to your Firm’s Library and projects.Easily add products to your Firm Library and projects.
Upload a product from your own computer/network just as you would save to a shared file server. Simply fill in the basic information add an image or file from your own system, and that product is now readily available for the whole Firm. Ask us about jump starting the content of your Firm Library by adding a few of your recently completed spec books and uploading the products to your ARAZOO Firm Library that you use most frequently.
Use Arazoo’s bookmarklet to grab content from the web just as you would with Pinterest or saving a bookmark. First, drag the bookmarklet to your browser’s bookmarks bar. Then, simply open a new browser window, navigate to a manufacturer’s product page, and click on the bookmarklet. Select images the bookmarklet captured from the page, then fill in basic product information and select the project or binders you want to add it to. Simple, quick, and available for the whole Firm!
Browse the Explore library using professional filter types or the search bar. The ARAZOO library benefits from the collective usage of a network of professionals who find and curate the best products. It’s easy to add a product directly to your project from here and you can make further edits to the product once it’s in your Library. As we develop expanded search capabilities within the Explore Library, you’ll find it easier to get highly specific search results, along with relevant alternates that might be worth considering. The ARAZOO Explore Library is constantly being curated and expanded with commonly specified building products, but of course you can always search the web and use the bookmarklet If your search doesn’t return what you’re looking for.
The Coordination Checklist
Team-Oriented Workflow

While the project library is the place where any product of interest and relevance is saved, the Coordination Checklist is a team-oriented workflow where products can be shortlisted and finalized for inclusion in the contract documents. It’s organized by CSI Masterformat® divisions and subdivisions.

Expand a subdivision and Add Products from your Firm Library, Project Library or the Explore Library. Comment on individual products you’ve saved, Add Locations for each product, and provide overall Coordination Notes, which can be used to integrate feedback from your external Collaborators. You can also Download the Coordination Checklist as an excel file.

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Meet the Team

In his 2007 groundbreaking book on the construction industry, Broken Buildings, Busted Budgets, Barry LePatner articulated a comprehensive macro-economic critique of the construction industry, which asserted that owners must rebalance the asymmetry of pricing information favoring contractors if they were to regain control of their projects. As the result of this research and his more than three decades of experience as legal counsel for owners, design professionals and the construction industry, the underpinning concepts of ARAZOO were developed.

Barry LePatner and co-founder Brad Cronk have developed ARAZOO to advance the ideas and project management principles that they have applied to the hundreds of projects on which they have acted as legal counsel, project manager or both. ARAZOO represents the culmination of their combined experience of nearly 60 years in the design and construction industry. The ARAZOO Product Selection module is the first step to overcome the industry’s well-known inefficiencies that lead to marketplace opacity and rampant cost overruns. And the next steps for ARAZOO are already in development.